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Microsoft puts Xbox One controller in online store for pre-order

Controller alone comes in at $59.99, while gamers who want a controller with a Play and Charge Kit will need to pay $75.


Extra controllers for the Xbox One aren’t going to be cheap.

While the console, priced at $499 in the US, will come with one controller when launched gamers who want a second controller are going to have to shell out $59.99. A Play and Charge kit will cost $74.99 while an official Xbox chat headset will cost $24.99.

In comparison an Xbox 360 wireless controller costs $49.99.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console comes at a $100 premium to Sony’s Playstation 4. While the Playstation 4 comes with a headset, Microsoft says the Xbox One will include a Kinect camera.

The Microsoft store says the Xbox One controller will be available on December 31. While the Xbox One does not have a confirmed release date, it’s expected to be launched in the fall. It’s not known if the December 31 date is a place holder or simply when the extra accessories will be available.

Source: Microsoft Store

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