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Microsoft pulls security update for Windows 2000 from servers

Reason given for the removal of the update: the patch ended up patching nothing.

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Microsoft is pulling a certain security update for the aging Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system from its servers after receiving claims and feedback from the public that the update had failed to fix the very issue it was designed to patch.

In a blog posting made on the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), Group Manager Jerry Bryant said that the problematic patch (MS10-025)only affected “Windows 2000 Servers in an non-default configuration”, explaining that only machines that had Windows Media Services would be offered the security update; other servers running on Windows 2000 without Windows Media Services were not affected.

No definite date was given for the re-release of the update, but Jerry said that once the team has agreed on it, the information will be announed Microsoft’s own MSRC twitter account (@MSFTSecResponse).

Still, given Windows 2000’s age, it is rather unlikely that the botched security update will have little (if any) adverse impact on most servers, as most Windows-based servers should have already migrated to Windows Server 2003 or newer.

Source: Microsoft Security Response Center blog via PC Pro

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