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Microsoft opens pre-orders for ‘day one’ Xbox LIVE Gold subscription

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Microsoft has now opened pre-orders for a special “Day One” edition of Xbox LIVE, giving players the chance to renew their subscription in preparation for the Xbox One’s impending launch.

The Xbox LIVE Day One edition comes with your basic 12-month subscription along with a commemorative Xbox One-themed card, and Microsoft has also included a digital copy of Killer Instinct: Round One for their next-gen Xbox One console. Additionally players will be able to wreak havoc in the re-vamped fighter as the exclusive Shadow Jago character.

Major Nelson has also clarified that existing Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions will carry over to the Xbox One–no separate “Xbox One” Gold account is required–and that the Day One edition is offered optionally to gamers who want to snag an extra year or replenish their subscription before it runs out.

Xbox LIVE Gold XB1

rosinok: For those you who’ve seem to forgot your Xbox membership status (gold or silver) carries over to the one as announced back at e3 (on mobile atm can provide link if wanted). So for those who use auto renew like myself you are fine. This is just offered as a collectors/commemorative deal and as an option for those who don’t use auto renew or digital purchase of gold membership.

majornelson: That is correct. Your current Gold Memberships will carry over just fine.


For example, gamers who already have Xbox LIVE Gold via Xbox 360 will be able to enjoy that same experience on their Xbox One without having to purchase a new subscription. This new offering may not be the best deal as far as the strict retail price tag, however

The Xbox LIVE Day One Edition is now available for pre-order for $59.99 via the Xbox LIVE dashboard.

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