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Microsoft officially debunks Xbox One’s rumored 12GB RAM upgrade

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A few weeks ago it was believed that the Xbox One console would receive a hefty memory boost and that Microsoft was working on refining the system’s specs for its final release in November.

These reports claim that Microsoft has been able to raise the console’s memory bandwidth by an extra 88%–from 102 GB/s to 192 GB/s–have been the basis of this speculation.

Xbox product planning executive Albert Penello has also been quoted saying that “specs change”, hinting at possible planned enhancements for the next-gen console.

“I would like to pose this question to the audience. There are several months until the consoles launch, and [as] any student of the industry will remember, specs change,” Penello penned in his NeoGAF post.

“Given the rumored specs for both systems, can anyone conceive of a circumstance or decision one platform holder could make, where despite the theoretical performance benchmarks of the components, the box that appears “weaker” could actually be more powerful?

“I believe the debate on this could give some light to why we don’t want to engage in a specification debate until both boxes are final and shipping.”


With Microsoft’s recent breakthrough in increasing the Xbox One’s GPU clock speeds from 800 MHz to 853MHz, the rumor mill has spun even more speculation–many of which were centered around a possible RAM upgrade from the Xbox One’s current 8GB’s to a hefty 12GB’s.

Major Nelson sat down with Marc Whitten in a recent podcast, wherein the news was passed along:

“An example that’s actually been really good news for us, an example of that is we’ve tweaked up our clock speed on the GPU from 800 MHz to 853 MHz. Just an example of how you really start landing the program as you get closer to launch.

“It’s just an example where we really get close to the final performance envelope of how the box works and really making sure we have a great product for our developers to build great games against.”

In any case, Penello was seen Tweeting that Microsoft is “not going to 12gb”, debunking the rumor once and for all.

While the official 12 GB of RAM rumor has been squashed, that doesn’t mean we may not see any further upgrades and tweaks to the Xbox One in the next coming months.

As it stands now, Microsoft is well under way with its new promotion campaign that touts the Xbox One’s new software policies–today they also announced the new re-vamped Home Gold sharing policy that details how gamers will be able to share their subscriptions and games with their family and friends.

In terms of raw power, though, Sony’s PS4 still reigns over the competition, and we might see more announcements for the Japanese gaming titan at Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show in terms of extra features–but millions of gamers across the world like the PlayStation 4 just fine as it is.

The Xbox One is slated to release in November 2013 for a price point of $499. For more information please visit the console’s official website.

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