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Microsoft Office 2013 is totally non-transferable – for any reason

If you are planning to purchase a perpetual license for Microsoft Office 2013, take note that it will be one copy per PC with no transfer available for any reason.  Even wiping the hard drive from your old PC does not give you the ability to transfer it.

Many Microsoft Office users are a bit taken back by the software giant's new policy with the latest suite for 2013.  With Office 2010 Microsoft allowed a single transfer of the program over to a new or different PC.  The company is now saying that even if you wipe the drive of your old PC that it will not allow the user the option of transferring the program over.

Critics of this new policy say that Microsoft is essentially penalizing their consumers for no logical reason.  One really has to ask why Microsoft would make this new policy with Office 2013 since there are so many other office programs out there?  Furthermore, many free office program can perform the same tasks equally well.

By enacting this new plan of sales, Microsoft will more than likely drive users over to Google’s office suite that is available through Google Drive.  In fact, Google’s free services are offered to any Google+ users free of charge and can accomplish the same identical tasks equally as well as MS Office 2013.  Google's web-based office suite can also work as a free storage service for up to 5GB of data and for a small fee per month one could upgrade that data storage to over 25GB.

It is interesting to note that the 80% of sales for Microsoft in 2012 were to businesses and only 20% to consumers.  Based on this information it seems that Microsoft is betting that they can boost their profits on software by making more businesses purchase more copies.  

Microsoft is trying hard to get users to subscribe to their Office 365 Home, which costs 99 dollars per year.  This subscription will allows up to 5 PCs or tablets to carry the program.  So, It would be far less expensive for you to just buy a single suite if you are happy using Microsoft Office.  

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