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Microsoft launches mobile Office for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has launched its mobile Office on Windows Phone 8, which promises to deliver ‘the best Office document rendering on any phone.’

The software giant claims that Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows Phone 8 have all been revamped to suit the needs of people who need to get work done on the go.  PowerPoint can render all shapes and SmartArt Graphics, and the added portrait mode with speaker notes enable users survey a presentation with a bit more ease.

(Viewing Word document in full-screen)

Excel workbooks now open at the last saved sheet and zoom level, and when a user navigates through cells in the sheet, the reading panel refreshes to match the move.  Users will now be able to view Word documents in full-screen reading mode, and the controls will reappear simply by tapping on the document canvas.

OneNote, perhaps the most useful of them all, is now a separate app.  There will be a OneNote Tile which will allow users to take quick text, photo, and voice notes.  Users will be able to take text notes alongside voice notes, and even dictate a note while the phone is locked.

(WP8 Office mirror UI)

Windows Phone 8 mobile Office is available in 50 different languages, with support for complex script, and mirroring UI.  With mirroring UI, right-to-left languages will have not only their texts align in the correct reading order, but also the UI elements will show from right to left for a more ‘natural’ Office experience.

Microsoft’s mobile Office solution will come pre-installed on all Windows Phone 8.

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