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Microsoft Holds Funeral For iPhone

It is a known fact that Microsoft has been working extremely hard on its upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system to regain its competitiveness in the mobile space. And while hands-on reports about the new OS has generally been favourable, Microsoft is so convinced about WP7’s capabilities that it marked the platform’s RTM date with an elaborate ‘funeral’ to proclaim the death of the iPhone.

Is Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 a great mobile OS? From the looks of it, it seems to be so: websites which claim hands-on experiences with the new platform has generally left favourable comments about how Microsoft may have finally gotten it right with its mobile OS.

But will Windows Phone 7 be the real game changer and iPhone-killer that the world is waiting for? Apparently, Microsoft is fully convinced that its mobile OS is fully capable of fulfilling that role well, because it has gone all out to mark the OS’s RTM status by hosting an elaborate ‘funeral’ for the iPhone. Normally, we would make a few comments about such a stunt, but for once, we decided to let Microsoft have their day and have the pictures do the talking.

Last but definitely not least, the Windows Phone 7 team apparently also saw it fit to perform a Thriller dance during the procession:

Source: Electronista

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