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Microsoft might bring digital game gifting to the Xbox One

Microsoft has expressed interest in allowing users to gift digital games to their friends on the Xbox One.


In a recent Reddit thread, a user poised the question whether or not they could purchase a digital Xbox One game on Xbox LIVE and gift it to one of their friends. Valve’s premiere digital PC gaming service Steam allows its members to gift selections across its 3000+ catalog of titles, and gamers can also do the same with Wii games via the Wii Shop.

Official Xbox spokesperson Major Nelson caught wind of the thread, and added that Microsoft is open to the idea. Nelson said that Xbox One gift giving is a “great feature we’d like to add in someday, but it won’t be there at launch.”

A bit ago Microsoft had reported that it had some “really exciting things” lined up for the Xbox One after it’s launch, and we might very well see this capability implemented–along with the possibility of other previously unknown features or maybe even the reveal of a new Xbox One exclusive.


A few months ago, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten detailed the Xbox One’s re-vamped Home Gold sharing policies, which allows “everyone in your home to share digital games with one another”. A step further to give gamers the chance to gift digital content to their friends would be a welcome addition embraced by many in the community.

As the Redmond-based console-maker is planning on supporting the Xbox One for a full decade, we’ll likely see the console change shape well after its launch later this month.

The Xbox One launches across multiple territories on Nov. 22, 2013 for a price point of $499. For more information be sure to take a gander at our recent coverage or head on over to the Xbox Wire.

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