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Microsoft delays Xbox One launch in Asia, will come 1 entire year after US launch

It seems like Microsoft is doing everything it can to become more unpopular as fresh news reports suggest that their next-generation consoles won’t hit Asian markets for an entire year after launch, that’s 1 and half years from now.

Microsoft Xbox One

Sony sweeping it all with their E3 press conference was already enough to give the company a huge boost in popularity, all in a day. But rival Microsoft seems to want to help the cause as new reports suggest a rather sad news for Asian gamers who had (actually, really?) considered buying the Xbox One when it’s released later this year.

For folks who thought the wait till November 2013 would kill you, wait till you read the next line; Microsoft’s Xbox One console won’t launch in Asia for another. So basically, you add 1 to the last digit and change the tense from “kill you” to “you’re dead”. Of course for many gamers, this leaves an only (and obvious option), go for Sony’s (powerful) PlayStation 4 console.

Sony PlayStation 4

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the highest selling console in Asia this year, but that doesn’t warrant the release of its next-gen daddy anytime soon. The company declared that the new Kinect 2.0 sensor would work far better (than Kinect 1.0) in the closed spaces that Asian households are more attuned to. Also, many of the services that Microsoft has integrated into the Xbox (or Xbone as many are calling it) simply don’t work outside the US and the UK. Additionally, gamers in Japan invariably favor the Sony console over anything from the West, but despite all this, we were hoping for something better than a 1 year abandonment by Microsoft (which includes countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.)

Here’s a user ranting in his own style (that we liked). Hope you enjoy it too!

Xbox One  ranting


Source: WSJ

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