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Microsoft defends upcoming changes for Windows 8, says it’s a good thing

Microsoft has responded to the recent feedback they've been getting that they are backtracking on their vision and not showing confidence in their product by reverting back to old ways when it comes to Windows, like bringing back the Start button. They think they're doing a good thing. Some agree, some don't.

Microsoft has recently been making their rounds on the internet to notify everybody about their upcoming plans for the Windows 8 update currently being called ‘Blue’. Essentially, Microsoft is claiming that the update is focused around fixing the things that customers have been complaining about, for example the apparent necessity that Microsoft brings back the Start menu button.
You would think that this is a good thing. Microsoft has taken a lot of criticism with Windows 8 that perhaps the metro-style interface doesn’t work on desktop computers and people were feeling that Microsoft was forcing their new interface upon consumers. This sounds reasonable, but there is another group of people who people that by caving into these types of complaints, Microsoft is going back on their original vision for the future of Windows. It can be argued the Microsoft isn’t showing enough confidence in its own products.
Microsoft on the other hand has a different take on it. Corporate Vice President of Communications Frank Shaw has taken to the Microsoft Blog to defend the upcoming changes. “In the center, listening to feedback and improving a product is a good thing. Heck, there was even a time when acknowledging that you were listening to feedback and acting on it was considered a good thing.”
He even went on to claim the tech media were being sensationalist and hyperbolic in their opinions on the subject. Shaw doesn’t appear phased though. “We are going to keep improving Windows 8, as we do with all our products, making what’s good even better.”
People will continue to be on opposite sides of the fence as we go forward, and that’s expected when something people have become so used to is going through so many changes in such a short period of time. In the end it’s important to just keep calm because it’s all par for the course, at least that’s what Shaw believes. “There will be those who disagree, equally strongly. All good, all expected.”

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