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Microsoft continues anti-Apple crusade with new ads comparing Surface 2 and iPad Air

Apple didn’t even get a chance to apply cold water to the area Nokia burned in the latest Lumia 2520 vs. iPad Air commercial, yet a trio of fresh ads taking multiple stabs at the newest Cupertino-made slate is already up on YouTube.


This time, the clips pit the iPad Air against Microsoft’s Surface 2 and, as you can imagine, the Windows RT-powered slab comes out victorious. Unlike Nokia however, MS ditches humor and irony in favor of cold facts (or so they claim), pitched a little too seriously to, well, be taken seriously.

What exactly do I mean? For one thing, what’s with the cooking ad? Is Microsoft actually suggesting a minor detail such as being able to use recipe apps hands-free should make a difference when deciding to go for one tab or the other?

Granted, the whole clip could be meant as a joke (it’s definitely unintentionally funny), but if that’s the case, the humor should have been easier to detect.

Oh, well, let’s move on and hope things get better. And they do, with one particular video that makes a genuinely valid point. It’s embedded below and, put simply, bashes the iPad Air for not sporting USB connectivity and requiring half a dozen extra adapters to come close to Surface’s out-the-box productivity and functionality. Amen, MS, though once again, why so serious?

Finally, the “sharing with family” commercial is probably not as bad as the cooking material, but it’s also fairly confusing. Not to mention it too focuses on details that are simply not so very important for the day-to-day user. Definitely not key enough to tip the balance one direction or the other. Who’s with me? And please, pretty please, let’s not start with the whole fanboy routine again.

To be clear, I’m not saying the iPad Air is better (or worse) than the Surface 2 (or Nokia Lumia 2520). It’s just these three videos don’t make a good enough case for Windows RT.

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