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Microsoft announces Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS

If Steve Ballmer's little dance and "developers, developers, developers" chant made onstage years ago was anything to go by, it should be no surprise that Microsoft clearly ranks developers high on their list of people they need to spare no expense in pleasing. And from the looks of it, it seems that Microsoft's love for developers have not faded in the slightest bit even after so many years; apparently, in an effort to win more developers for its Windows Azure cloud platform, the software giant is willing to show some love to its competitors by porting its Windows Azure Toolkit to both iOS and Android.

It is an open secret that Microsoft loves developers a lot. Or at least, Steve Ballmer does, especially if one remembers that it was Ballmer himself who broke into a little dance and started chanting "developers, developers, developers" in one of his presentations many years back.  Fast forward to the present, and it would seem that the software giant's love for developers has not diminished in the slightest bit over the years. In fact, the company is still actively trying to court even more developers for its Windows ecosystem, and its latest act involved attempting to sway mobile developers into creating apps for its Windows Azure cloud platform by releasing its Windows Azure toolkit for Apple's iOS operating system.

According to the blog posting made on the Windows Azure blogs in MSDN, the Windows Azure toolkit is aimed at "enabling developers to build native experiences on multiple platforms using Windows Azure", and the release of the iOS version of the toolkit is "the next step in the process". The iOS toolkit will contain various resources such as a compiled Objective C library needed to work with services running in Windows Azure, as well as the full source code for the aforementioned library (along with an Xcode project file), sample iOS applications and the all-important documentation.

If the developer in you is interested in getting this toolkit for your iOS-powered device and giving it a go, do take note that Microsoft is not making the toolkit available for download in the form of a tarball. Instead, developers will have to head over to Github to pull the required libraries needed for use at the following links:




Furthermore, Microsoft has revealed that it is working hard to extend the same love to Android developers as well. And to prove it, the software giant showed off a screenshot of pre-release version of the Windows Azure toolkit running on the Android emulator provided by Google's Android SDK, with the final release build slated for a June release

Source: MSDN blogs

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