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Microsoft and Sony to reveal price & release date of next-gen consoles at E3?

Michael Pachter, a leading industry analyst, has made claims that both Sony and Microsoft will reveal key information during this year's E3 expo on both the Xbox 720 and PS4, from pricing to official release dates and even the physical consoles themselves.

This year's E3 expo is just weeks away and is shaping up to be one of the most exciting gaming events in quite some time, with the industry's top contenders vying for control of the stage by showcasing the highly anticipated next-generation of console gaming.

Sony and Microsoft, the gaming giants that dominate the console industry, will reveal important details about their respective upcoming consoles, from additional peripherals to exclusive content and more. E3 is basically the major gaming event of the year, and is that one time where the industry gathers together to show off a plethora of new consoles and games–and E3 2013 will be one of the most anticipated events in recent history with its history-making venue.

Leading industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that both of the titans of the industry are planning on unveiling key information about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, including exact pricing,

"Microsoft and Sony have both departed from prior practice by having an independent event different from E3," Pachter says in the latest episode of Pach Attack, a series on GameTrailers.

Pachter goes on to expound upon Microsoft's upcoming Xbox reveal on May 22nd, detailing how the company is using the early reveal before E3 to their advantage:

"Now talk is all about the next Xbox event, so there's now buzz in front of it. They announced it about a month ahead of time and they're going to get buzz for the two weeks heading into E3.

The truth is, buzz is one thing, purchase intent is another," Pachter divulges. "I don't think anyone is buying any of these boxes until they see them and they see the price."

The analyst further lists what he believes each tech giant will showcase during the event, from the actual physical console–both the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 have yet to be officially revealed in a physical capacity–to the pricing and respective launch dates for the Xbox 720 and PS4:

"You're going to see the box, you're going to see the price, you're going to hear the launch date," Pachter claims, prompting the following remarks. "Then from 10 June to launch date, which will probably be November, you have 5 months to make up your mind."

"So I don't think the timing of these pre-launch events mean much at all, other than it gives the press more than one opportunity to write about these things with some knowledge."

Whether or not Pachter is right about his claims  has yet to be determined, but one thing remains clear: E3 2013 will definitely be one of the most groundbreaking events in years and will most likely usher in a whole new era in console gaming.

E3 2013 is held from June 11-13, and Microsoft's official Xbox 720 reveal is taking place on May 22nd. We'll be sure to update you regarding Microsoft's next-gen Xbox 720 reveal when it takes place, and both of the venues continue to gain momentum and anticipating throughout the gaming world.

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