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Microsoft accidentally leaks screenshot of (supposedly) Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has had a somewhat embarrassing track record of accidentally leaking news of new products out before their scheduled release date, and it seems that history has just repeated itself again. This time, the leak is allegedly that of their upcoming Internet Explorer 9 and its redesigned UI. Guess this is going to take some of the impact out of its official Beta release.

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We previously mentioned that the beta of Internet Explorer 9 will only be made available for public download on September 15, but those who hung around at Microsoft’s Russian blog may have been lucky enough to catch what is supposedly a leaked screenshot of the redesigned UI for the browser.

Of course, Microsoft had already deleted both the blog post and the leaked image, but as most people know, once something has found its way online, it quickly spreads like wildfire. And from the looks of it, it seems that Microsoft had once again listened to its consumers with regards to the original Internet Explorer interface being too cluttered:

Assuming that the image shown above is an authentic screengrab of the soon-to-be-released beta of Internet Explorer 9, it is clear that Microsoft has chosen to go for a simple, minimalistic interface similar to that found on Google’s Chrome web browser. Gone are the additional rows for tabbed browsing and accessing bookmarks: instead, the new interface sports only a single toolbar which plays host to both the address bar, tab bar and icons for navigation.

The address bar has also been changed: back in Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft insisted that merging the search field with the address bar was a privacy issue. However, the search field is conveniently missing in this screenshot, thus leading us to think that Microsoft may have chosen to adopt the very same ‘flawed’ method it once criticized Chrome for.

However, keeping in mind the fact that the beta for Internet Explorer 9 has yet to be released, it could be possible that the interface shown in this ‘leaked’ screenshot could be nothing more than just a mockup or sample of how the new UI is supposed to be. Until then, there is nothing more we can do but to wait for the actual beta release and see just how closely its UI will resemble the one shown in the leak.

But you can be sure we will be eagerly waiting for that day.

Source: Engadget

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