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Micron to introduce 415MB/s Crucial RealSSD C400 at CES

Micron is announcing the successor to the Crucial RealSSD C300. The RealSSD C400 will be announced at this year’s CES, boasting a maximum read speed of 415MB/s.

Slightly over a year ago, Micron showcased the world’s first native S-ATA 6Gbps Solid-State Drive (SSD). That was none other than the Crucial RealSSD C300.

It offered read speeds of 355MB/s and write speeds of 215MB/s.

This year, the successor to the C300 will be born.

The RealSSD C400 will be showcased at CES 2011. Developed on Micron’s groundbreaking 25nm NAND flash technology, the C400 will enjoy a boost in overall speeds.

Read speeds have been bumped to 415MB/s, while write speeds will be at a reported 260MB/s.

The RealSSD C400 will be available in both 1.8″ and 2.5″ sizes, and will range in capacity from 64GB, to a generous 512GB.

As companies race to further innovate, and improve NAND flash technology, it is no wonder that the performance of the C400 significantly outweighs its predecessor.

Dean Klein, Vice President of Memory Systems Development at Micron, has this to say.

“SSDs are bringing excitement back into personal computing. Micron is accelerating this enthusiasm with the RealSSD portfolio, bringing even greater speeds and larger capacities than our previous-generation SSDs.”

With this, it is no surprise that a user making the change from an early SSD, to one like the Crucial RealSSD C400 shall experience the same speed boost and wonderment alike to experiencing the sheer performance of an SSD for the first time coming from a mechanical Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Source : Micron Official Press Release and C400 Product Brief

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