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Micro Four Thirds Market Gets A New ‘GirlFriend’, The GF2

Cringe-worthy intro aside, Panasonic’s official announcement about its latest Micro Four Thirds camera is definitely something worth getting excited over, especially for the photography enthusiasts. Marketed as the direct successor to the popular DMC-GF1, Panasonic’s new DMC-GF2 claims a number of enhancements and features over its predecessor, while still being able to maintain a smaller footprint as well.

Read on to find out more about the new Panasonic DMC-GF2 Micro Four Thirds camera.

The only constant in a world of variables is ‘change’, and that very well applies to the technological world we live in today. Barely a year after Panasonic had launched the DMC-GF1 Micro Four Thirds camera, the Japanese electronics giant is back to up the ante with its successor, the new DMC-GF2.

At first glance, the new DMC-GF2 looks almost identical to the older GF1, but looks can be deceiving. While it retains the same form factor and design as its predecessor, Panasonic has revealed that the GF2 is actually smaller than the GF1 by almost 19%. And naturally, a size reduction results in a lighter package, although chances are the 9% difference in weight between the GF1 and GF2 will not be felt by most users.

But more importantly, Panasonic is quick to assure customers that the reduction in size does not translate in a reduction of features. Instead, the GF2 comes with even more features than the GF1, such as the inclusion of a 3-inch touchscreen for accessing various features. In addition, the touchscreen can also be used to set the camera’s focus on subjects, a feature which is commonly found on smartphone cameras and some point-and-shoot models. Panasonic also claims that the shutter can be activated through the touchscreen as well, although it did not explain how such an action will work.

In addition to taking still images, the GF2 is also capable of taking motion pictures in full HD resolutions (1080i), unlike the GF one which could only do so at resolutions up to 720p. Lastly, Panasonic has announced that the GF2 will ship with support for its line of Micro Four Thirds 3D lenses. Futureproof, this camera really is.

Unfortunately, Panasonic has not made any announcement about the GF2’s price, although it has confirmed in its US press release that the camera will be available for sale by January 2011. Pricing will be revealed only 30 days before the camera starts shipping, so check back for updates about pricing in sometime in December.

Source: Gizmodo

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