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Mews: Hello Kitty Speakers for Walkman available soon, courtesy of CAV Japan


Everyone knows that most audio-related equipment are seldom designed to be fashion statements, but every once a while some manufacturer will attempt to do the unconventional and release something that challenges most people's idea of how a speaker is supposed to look. And once again, we can always leave it to the Japanese to impress the world with unique and unconventional devices like the Hello Kitty speakers above that will soon be released for sale in Japan.

Sony's Walkman line of mobile phones and portable audio and video players may have been designed to allow one to enjoy his or her favourite media content while on the move, but there will definitely be times where users will prefer to indulge their ears with a proper pair of speakers, for various reasons. And leave it to a Japanese company known as CAV Japan to ensure that users will be able to treat themselves to a feast for both their ears and eyes when the need arises by announcing its plans to release a pair of speakers which feature the likeness of Japan's favourite kitty.

According to a report published by Akihabara News, the new Hello Kitty speakers have been specially designed for the Sony Walkman product line and are both capable of achieving high-quality 2.1-channel audio playback, thanks to the use of what CAV Japan calls SMT or Surface Mounting Technology, in conjunction with another technology known as Lossless Energy Amplification. CAV Japan also reveals that at the heart of the speaker's hardware are two 31mm tweeters, which are situated at Hello Kitty's ears, and an 88mm sub-woofer which can be found at the speaker's base, as shown below. 

Last but not least, CAV Japan claims that the speakers are also capable of charging a Walkman that has been docked onto it, so users do not have to worry about having their musical experience cut short due to their Walkman's batteries running low at the most unfortunate moment. On the other hand, if you do not have a Walkman at your disposal, fret not, for the Hello Kitty speaker also features an AUX input jack which should be compatible with virtually all existing audio playback devices available on the market today.

If that has gotten you interested in acquiring your very own Hello Kitty speaker, do take note that they can be purchased at the price of 9,800 yen (approx US$122) apiece, although you will probably have to get a Japanese friend to ship them in for you, as they appears to be available for sale only within Japan. 

Source: Akihabara News

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