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Metro: Last Light Review

Metro: Last Light is an experience that brings with it a plethora of outstanding features, incorporating familiar game mechanics that are layered with a complex emotional story arc replete with human drama and political intrigue. The game's dynamic usage of stealth and FPS action guarantee something for every type of player, and the outstanding imagery associated with each of the game's unique environments paints the perfect picture of the Metro franchise.

The sequel encompasses many of the traditional and signature post-apocalyptic themes associated with games of this nature while also introducing its own distinguished array of features. The game is chocked full of entertaining moments and an unforgettable cast of characters and areas that define the series as a whole.

Metro: Last Light takes us back into the intimidating and daunting world that's been marred by the mayhem of nuclear winter, yet despite the ruins and destruction, humanity hasn't lost its steadfast resilience and resolve. The Metro is a thriving, bustling world filled with commonplace socio-political themes, building a distinct culture that's alluring in its own makeshift charm.

Coupled with his lethal skills as a marksman and a Ranger, Artyom's arsenal of weaponry and resources ensure his survival in the daunting wastes of the surface.

Stepping back into Artyom's shoes and strapping on a gas mask feels natural as riding a bike, and players will slip right into their old groove established by Metro 2033–and if you've yet to play the first game, don't worry; you'll find your groove in no time at all. 4A Games creates a masterpiece that is punctuated as much by its gritty style as it is from its inherent familiarity, and its easy to find parallels from other game series like Fallout or even Borderlands.

Although the game itself is singleplayer only and has a defined campaign, it's easy to want to return to the wasteland and experience it all over again. The campaign is enjoyable from start to finish, offering a hefty amount of game time that's infused with plenty of gunfights, stealth, drama, political intrigue and of course that well-defined brand of post-apocalyptic flair.

Metro: Last Light is a momentous title in the franchise and is easily one of the most genuine and original titles of the year, showing how game adaptations of popular novels should be made.

The Verdict

+ Impressive arsenal of customizable weapons
+ Amazing graphics and visuals
+ Deeply haunting post-apocalyptic environments
+ Mix of FPS action and tactical stealth mechanics
+ Dynamic story arc with geo-political overtones & supernatural sci-fi elements
+ Faithful adaptation of Glukhovsky's novel series
+ Variety of terrifying enemies 
+ Enemy AI
+ Captures a realistic story of human survival
+ NPC's are dynamic and portray realistic emotions
Minor bugs & glitches
Charge for Ranger Mode DLC
No multi-player or Co-Op–strictly singleplayer

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