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Metro: Last Light Review

Twenty years ago Russia was bombarded by nuclear warheads that obliterated nearly all life and left the country in ruins. The surface is now a blasted and bleak landscape littered with radiation, leaving the wildlife contorted and mutated into misshapen abominations.

The remnants of humanity fled to the inner depths of the underground Metro tunnels, finding sanctuary in its dark, maze-like depths. It is here where humanity now lives, within the hallowed walls of the tunnels, creating cities and civilizations within the concrete catacombs.

In Metro: Last Light, 4A Games immerses players in a world soaked in fear and cataclysmic strife, pitting gamers against unfathomable odds while trying to hold humanity together and once again thwart the evils that threaten to wipe away the dim ray of hope that gleams in the darkness; a faint ray of light that threatens to be choked by the shadows forever.
After finding the huge bunker complex known as D-6 in the previous game, Artyom and the rest of the Order settle in to the veritable underground city to the envy of all the other factions. D-6 is in itself a concrete Garden of Eden of sorts, containing vital resources like food, ammunition, protection from the blasted surface and even a reactor to completely power the station.
It was believed that once Artyom found D-6 that the Order's troubles would be over, and that the last bastion of humanity could prosper in safety; but in truth their troubles have only began, as the entire Metro envies their settlement and seeks to take it by force.
Life in a station isn't always as bad as one would think; a man juggles for children while another uses good old-fashioned ingenuity by creating shadow puppets.
The allocation of D-6 has stressed many of the peace treaties put into place between the Order and the other factions, with the Communist Red Line and Reich plotting terrible schemes to overthrow the Order and wipe out the Spartans once and for all.
While the factions prepare for all-out war, Colonel Miller, the head of the Order, commands Artyom upon a dire mission to find the last Dark One–and extinguish it. Khan, a prophetic wiseman from the last game, tells Artyom that he must not kill the last Dark One and instead must learn the secrets of his supernatural communication with the strange creatures, as it may in fact be the key to the secrets of the mysterious race.
In Metro 2033, the Dark Ones plagued the Metro tunnels and harried the living, taking over their minds and making them to abhorrent things. A war was waged against the Dark Ones, and Artyom unleashed a barrage of missiles upon their nest. Up until now, it was believed that all the Dark Ones were destroyed, but Khan fears that the Dark Ones may not have been an enemy this whole time–and that they may have been trying to simply communicate with Artyom and the others.
Don't let the strange hypnotic beauty of the wasteland fool you–it's a merciless terrain filled with treacherous radiation, poisonous wind, and freakish monstrosities.
Artyom's journey to find the last Dark One takes him all across the Metro, from the surface with its poisonous atmosphere to the scream-filled halls of the Reich's homeland and the labyrinthine web of railways that comprise the Metro itself. Gamers come across many different NPC's, including Pavel, a devout soldier for the Red Line–the Communist faction–as well as many everyday civilians who are just trying to survive.
The mission gets much more complicated when Artyom learns of the impending invasion on D6, as both the Reich and the Red Line are planning on overthrowing the Order and taking the bunker by force.
Artyom must thwart their schemes and find the last Dark One to learn of its hidden secrets, but before he can, he must survive the horrors and painstaking brutality of the world around him–or die trying.
It all rests on Artyom's shoulders, and he remains the last hope for not only the Order, but for the entire Metro, as his journey becomes all the more dire when the plot thickens. In Metro: Last Light, gamers must push through the impossible odds to offer redemption to the living, as you are their last hope–their last light.

Derek Strickland
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