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Melting glacier uncovers lost military plane wreck

A shifting glacier has revealed the wreckage and remains of a cargo plane that crashed near Mount Gannet, Alaska.


On November 22, 1954, near Mount Gannet, Alaska, a US Airforce C124 Globemaster II cargo plane crashed. While the wreckage was found, and families were notified, there were a lot of remaining questions about the crash, so investigators returned in December of that year to take a second look at the debris. What hey found, was that the wreckage had disappeared, swallowed by the glacier it crashed on.

It wasn’t until nearly 60 years later, when in June of last year, a Blackhawk helicopter flew past the site, and the crew onboard spotted a tire, life rafts and oxygen bottles lying in the wilderness. They made the discovery during a routine training mission for the Alaska Army National Guard.

Recovery team on Mount Gannet

The shifting of the glacier had spit the debris back out, and so far around 1800 pounds of the wreck have been collected by authorities. Hockey pucks, pieces of the plane, a camp stove and human remains are among the recovered material. All of the debris has to be removed from the crash site, as is being done by local military personnel. It will be shipped to Hawaii for further analysis, including DNA tests so families can finally know for sure what happened to their loved ones.

Dr. Gregory Berg, forensic anthropologist on the clean-up team, says identifications will be announced “in the near future”.

Via MilitaryTimes

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