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Meizu to cease all development for M8

Sure, most Meizu M8 users were already preparing themselves for the day where the company responsible for the production and marketing of their iPhone-lookalike handsets ceases all development for their device, but nothing beats an official announcement to announce the inevitable. And this was precisely what M8 users were treated to in an announcement posted on a Meizu forum not too long ago.

Meizu's new smartphones always seem to grab the headlines whenever they are released, and it is usually due to all the wrong  reasons such as bearing uncanny similarities to a certain OEM's devices, right down to the very way their own WinCE-based OS is designed. However, that is mostly history, and the Meizu we are all familiar with today are now one of the more popular smartphone OEMs in China for their sleek-looking smartphones that run off the open Android operating system.

However, where does that leave the older Meizu M8 smartphone which still runs off a heavilly skinned version of WindowsCE and features much more limitted hardware specifications as compared to the current Meizu M9 smartphone based off the Android operating system? Well, it appears that M8 users will have to deal with the fact that their smartphone has reached the end of its upgrade path, for the OEM's CEO, J. Wong, has seemingly made an announcement on the company's official forum that the development team will cease all efforts on maintaining and updating the Meizu M8's firmware.

For some reason, we not able to find the alleged 'official announcement' anywhere on Meizu's official BBS, although another forum set up by Meizu fans, known as Meizu Me, have claimed that J. Wong did indeed break the news in their official forums. On top of that, the Meizu Me forums claim that J. Wong's justification for dropping all development efforts for the Meizu M8 and its underlying WinCE-based OS stems from the fact that the company simply could not afford to keep maintaining two operating systems, especially when the M8 has not been sold for quite some time already due to legal threats from the likes of a certain fruit-named OEM. 

Instead, the main focus for Meizu's development team will now be the Meizu M9 and the company's upcoming  product which Meizu Me dubs the M9 II, both of which are based off Google's Android operating system. In other words, it looks like the curtain has officially fallen for the M8, whose time on stage is now at its end.

Source: Meizu Me

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