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Megatron gets his own line of Nike shoes

If anyone could dunk on LeBron James, it would be Megatron.  Even Nike has realized this reality and some special edition shoes have been made as a tribute to the Decepticon’s leader.

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Even bad guys can be cool, too.  Not many, however, can be cool enough to have some special kicks dedicated to their badass-ness.  Megatron, leader of the Decepticon in the Transformers series, is definitely one of these antagonists that deserve to have his own line of shoes.  Whether you’re facing off an opponent on the basketball court or football field, instilling some sort of fear into the hearts of your enemy is always one of the main objectives.  Of course it helps if you have some raw talent and physique like LeBron James, but if you don’t possess such monstrous athleticism, you can always wear some shoes that can boost your intimidation factor.

The special edition Megatron shoes from Nike come in three pairs.  One is the Nike CJ181 Megatron Trainer Max, the second is the Nike Air Trainer SC II, and another is the CJ81 Megatron Elite TD Cleat.  As any Transformers fans would expect, the Megatron shoes are painted purple with silver accents all over to give off the dark and terrifying aura that Megatron is known for.

These three shoes have a total listing price of $550, a price that will terrorize any shoe enthusiast’s wallet.  However, there’s a price to being a badass, so if you want to become an embodiment of Megatron, you have to be willing to spend.

Also included in the three kicks box set is a transformable Megatron figurine to add even more authenticity to the package.

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