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Meet Haswell’s graphics trump card (Crystalwell GT3 eDRAM)

Shame, this game changer is not going to be on regular desktops or UltraBooks.

Several months ago, we exclusively revealed the existance of the on-package eDRAM coming with Haswell to boost its graphics prowness. Here's what we found somewhere on the IDF Beijing show floor –

So where will the Haswell chips with GT3e be ending up? Soldered on BGA-only variants that will reside in "Performance" 55W quad-core notebooks (as an alternative to sub-20W discrete options from AMD and Nvidia that is usually paired with a 35/45W CPU) and the desktop AiOs.

The other animals in the farm will get the less exciting GT2 (16/20 EUs) or GT3 (40 EUs).

Stay tuned for the on-site IDF performance expose.

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