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McAfee takes action, offers fix for those affected by botched anti-virus update

After causing a global stir over a botched update which allowed the company’s anti-virus software to flag out svchost.exe as malware, McAfee is now trying to make it up to customers by offering to ship for free a CD containing the fix if telephone or online support fails to solve the problem, along with a little something extra.

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If you happen to be a user of McAfee’s anti-virus products and have been affected by the faulty update which essentially cripples a PC, you are in luck: McAfee has rolled out a fix which it claims will resolve the problem, thus allowing your PC to get up and running again.

According to McAfee, the problem was caused by a faulty DAT which deletes the svchost executable, a core aspect of Windows, resulting in either the PC going through an infinite rebooting loop or complete loss of network connectivity, among other problems.

McAfee recommends that home users who have been affected by the update should contact their toll-free support number (which, for Singapore, is 800 852 3591), where a technician will attempt to walk the user though the steps needed to restore an affected PC to working condition.

In the event that telephone support fails to resolve the issue, McAfee suggests using another computer to download the software (with the documentation) needed to fix the system(which we have linked to from here). We have gone through the instructions ourselves and they seem rather well documented, so applying the fix should not be too much of a problem.

Alternatively, you can send a request for a CD which contains the fix. Don’t worry about having to pay for the shipment of the disc: it will be covered by McAfee.

Now this is where the best part is: if you have already spent money to engage the services of outside expertise to fix the issue caused by the faulty update, McAfee will allow users to file reimbursement claims such expenses. Currently, there is no information on how the process will go about, but McAfee has stated that it will be posted up on its website soon, and recommends that affected users check back regularly for news.

And as a gesture of goodwill, the company has announced that those who have been affected by the update will get to enjoy an additional 2-year extension to their current anti-virus subscription, although it remains doubtful as to how many will actually take up that offer from McAfee, especially with the current level of confidence that most people have of the company after this fiasco.

Source: McAfee

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