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Matrix Orbital MX424 LCD Review


  • Appearance
    20 characters x 4 lines
    Module size: 98.0mm(L) x 60.0mm(W) x 24.4mm(T)
    Display size: 76.3mm(L) x 25.0mm(W)
    Character size: 2.95 x 4.75mm
    Silver Aluminum Overlay
  • Interfaces
    Interface with up to 24-key keypad
    Use 6 General Purpose Outputs
    Communicate over USB
  • Functional Capabilities
    Variable brightness backlight
    Software and manual on CDROM
    Memory chip saves settings
    Available in a PC drive bay insert.
  • Speed
    USB mode : 19.2 Kbps using VCP or direct USB 1.0 or 2.0 communication
    Fully buffered – no delays in transmission

The Matrix Orbital MX4 series comes in a variety of drive bay insert colors. Colors such as: silver aluminum (pictured above), white, black and black aluminum. The silver and black aluminum inserts blend right into brushed aluminum cases, looking so good it seems as if it is part of the case. The aluminum finish is top notch and sturdy. The display is a 20 character x 4 lines LCD and is approximately 76mm x 25.0mm.

The picture above shows the small compact LCD screen and its components. The 6 white male connectors on the left side of the LCD are for temperature probes. The four 3pin male connectors are for fan monitoring. The silver box on the right of the green PCB is the USB connector. It can be connected to the motherboard via USB cable or an internal USB header. On both sides of the bay inserts are 4 holes which are used to mount the MX424 on the drive bay.

The GPO (General Purpose Output) can be hooked up to the GPO LEDs like the ones above which are available separately from Matrix Orbital. The LEDs can be configured to light up whenever an event is triggered to notify the user.

The temperature probes, like the one shown above are optional when purchasing the MX4. However, they are very useful in letting the user monitor the temperatures all around their PC.

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