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Mario Maker recreates Mario, in your own hands

Nintendo unveils Mario Maker, the game that puts the entire world of Mario into the gamer’s own hands.


Mario nowadays may be enjoying the wonders of 3D graphics, but there’s still something special and nostalgic about his good old sidescrolling days. Nintendo have indeed maintained the spirit of Super Mario Bros’. old gameplay mechanics through some of its newer titles. However the company is now giving us an even better treat: the key to the entire Mushroom kingdom, with their latest upcoming Mario Maker.

The title itself is straightforward; it’s classic Mario canned inside an editing program. Now this may sound very simple, and it’s not like this is the very first Mario level editor ever made, but think Wii U. Yep, all that tinkering and editing is now conveniently packed inside that clunky tab controller, enabling players to edit customized Mario levels actively with the use of the more intuitive touchscreen interface.




From what we can see in the introduction video, it looks like you can change from old classic 8-bit, to the newer Mario U version game layout. The elements are precisely the same, the side scrolling aspect is of course perfectly preserved, and you can even make a parallel custom level featuring both display modes.

The game was briefly announced at yesterday’s Nintendo Digital Event, which coincided with the opening of E3 2014. So far, only a few tidbits and the demo video have been revealed, though Nintendo did announce that it will be released in Japan sometime around 2015.

Source: 4Gamer (JP)

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