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‘No Man’s Sky’ is back in development after disastrous flood

Despite a disastrous flood that wiped out just about everything in their UK offices, Hello Games plans to continue development of No Man’s Sky.

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You might remember Hello Games’ Sean Murray from Spike’s VGX Awards where he promptly stole the show with a small teaser clip for No Man’s Sky. Since the debut, the gaming sphere exploded in response to the innovative procedurally-generated space sim, with just about every publication hounded Murray for more info.

At a cruel twist of fate, Murray reported that their Guildford-based offices had been completely flooded over the holidays, and that nearly everything was destroyed–PC’s, HDD’s, their “mega PC” that was used to test games, data, etc.

The flood–which demolished the offices and everything in it–put the future of No Man’s Sky in jeopardy, and it looked as if development would be halted or perhaps canceled indefinitely–no one was sure what would happen.

Now in a recent post on the studio’s blog, Murray has given the gaming world a definitive answer: Hello Games is still up and running, everyone is fine, and they won’t let this get in the way of No Man’s Sky.

Will this delay No Man’s Sky?
“We won’t let that happen!

“At times recently I’ve wanted to be depressed, to wallow, but it’s impossible surrounded by this team. They are literally unstoppable. If we’ve lost some work, we’ll make up the time. We’ll steal dev-kits. We’ll work on a boat. Whatever it takes (not actual stealing… maybe :)”

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For Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is more than just another indie project: this is their swan song, the game they’ve always wanted to create.

While they’ve enjoyed created Joe Danger, Murray divulges that this was their entry point into the industry and the building blocks to create their dream-game–which has manifested in the amazing randomly-generated space simulator that enraptured millions across the globe.

This kind of ambition and passion can quickly be extinguished by unfortunate circumstances–the least of which a flood that wipes out everything from source PC’s to data–but the team isn’t about to give up on their dream. Their determination is something to be admired, and it’s that kind of dedication and love that shapes a truly fantastic game (and we’re pretty sure No Man’s Sky is a fine example).

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Now that we know No  Man’s Sky is still in development and the team is safe, we can focus on our intergalactic endeavors. Incidentally, Murray has recently spoken with Edge Online in a rather revealing interview on No Man’s Sky, talking about everything from game mechanics, social interactions, and more.

For example here’s a tidbit about how gamers can interact with one another in multiplayer in order to figure out how the game works:

“The thing that really interests me in multiplayer is the community, the social aspect of actually playing together, of sharing an experience with a lot of people. [For example], the best time for me in an MMOG is those first few weeks, where everything is in flux and everyone is just trying to figure out the rules and the lore of the game.

“It’s like you’ve landed in this universe that’s just been created for you and you’re all going to figure out how it works. And that is exactly what we want to create.”

No Man’s Sky looks to be a major upcoming indie that may very well shake the foundations of indie games altogether, merging a plethora of genres into a hugely satisfying sci-fi hybrid. The game has garnered almost universal acclaim, and will no-doubt continue to gain momentum as development proceeds.

Murray has yet to discuss any release date info or platform plans, but we might see the game hit next-gen consoles and PC sometime in the future. Be sure to head on over to Hello Games’ official blog  or follow the game’s Twitter feed for more info.

Via Destructoid, Edge Online

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