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Mandriva S.A may be up for sale

It seems like it may be a gloomy day for the Linux community; Mandriva, the company which produces and sells the Mandriva Linux distribution, is reportedly seeking a buyer due to financial problems.
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In the Linux world, the potential of losing a distribution is almost always considered bad news. But when it is an long-running and popular distribution like Mandriva Linux that awaits its possible fate on the chopping block, the ‘bad news’ suddenly takes on a a very different meaning. 

According to Distrowatch, a website dedicated to reporting the latest news and developments in the Linux world, it appears that Mandriva S.A, the company responsible for developing and selling the popular Mandriva Linux distribution, is apparently facing some serious financial woes which put the company at a very real risk of being forced to shut its doors unless a buyer can be found.

Information of the possible sale was reportedly leaked from a French Mandriva fansite known as Mandriva Linux Online, which goes on to claim that the company has two interested buyers, namely Lightapp Ltd and Lingora. However, there is little to no information as to how much the company is going to be sold for, if at all, and whether production on the decade-long Mandriva Linux distribution will cease with such a sale.

Source: Mandriva Linux Online (French) via Distrowatch

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