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Man thrown across the room as iPad charger allegedly ‘explodes’ in his hand

Yet another incident involving an Apple charger has been reported. A 34 year old man claims to have been thrown across the room as an iPad charger “exploded” in his hands. He believes that had his eight year old daughter received the shock instead, she would have been killed.


The first incident was reported a few weeks ago when a flight attendant had died while charging her iPhone 4. Another report came in from China about a man who went into a coma due to the electric shock he had received while plugging in his iPhone 4. Apple then posted a warning on its Chinese website, warning customers about counterfeit chargers. It even started a trade-in program, offering genuine chargers in exchange for the counterfeit ones.

Tim Gillooley, 34, says he received the electric shock while trying to unplug the iPad’s charger. He says that usually his daughter unplugs it, because its her iPad, and had she received the same shock, Gillooley believes she would have been killed. Gillooley says that he bought the iPad from an Apple store in Liverpool, and that it developed charging problems after a few months. He reportedly took it back but was told that there was no problem with the charger. They purchased a new charger and cable but that didn’t fix the issue.

Apple hasn’t commented on this incident as yet, but have requested that Gillooley send them the remains of the exploded charger for thorough examination.

Source: DailyMail

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