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Man sues Apple alleging he was burnt by his iPhone 4, seeks $75,000 in damages

Apple has been hit with a new lawsuit by a man from New Jersey. The man claims that he was burnt by his iPhone 4, which resulted in “severe, permanent, disfiguring and disabling injuries.” He now seeks $75,000 in damages, excluding medical and other costs. 


Only recently there have been a number of reports about iPhone and iPad chargers malfunctioning and causing serious injury to users. A 23 year old flight attendant died in China as she was electroduced while charging her iPhone 4. A man in China ended up in a coma after being electrocuted by his iPhone 4. The incidents were reportedly linked to counterfeit chargers, and Apple has since started a replacement program to offer genuine chargers for a small fee. Only yesterday it was reported that an iPad charger had exploded in the UK. This particular incident happened back in 2011, but the lawsuit was filed last week.

Michael Filippone is the man suing Apple. He claims that on September 4th, 2011, he was severely burned by the iPhone 4 and suffered “great pain and torment” because of it. The lawsuit alleges that his injuries were caused “due to the negligent, careless, defective and/or hazardous design, manufacture supply, assembly, maintenance, inspection, repair, packaging, distribution, advertising, marketing and/or sale of said iPhone 4.”

The lawsuit claims that Filippone will now be compelled to spend “great and diverse” amount of money for treatment and medical aid, and that he has been and will continue to be prevented from going about his usual duties, occupation and activities. Apple hasn’t issued a comment as yet on this lawsuit.

Source: PatentlyApple

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