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Making that Magical wave of the hand come true

A simple wave of your hand and the lights come on, another gesture, and the stereo serenades you with your favorite song. This is not magic, neither is there someone taking your cue and flicking the switches. Read on.

A team from the National Taipei University of Technology’s graduate automation institute has developed a tiny chip which enables hands-only, device-less remote control over electronic appliances.

This new chip allows users to control appliances with simple hand gestures, with a wave of the hand, the user is able to switch on a television. Similarly, the volume can also be adjusted.

It is believed to be significantly faster than that developed by other teams; These chips are also said to be cheaper and is free of signal interference issues which is a problem in today’s environment where nearly every appliance comes with a remote control, resulting in signal interferences due to an overlap of signal frequencies.

The chips, once perfected for market release, will be sold to appliance makers for pre-installation as well as to consumers who can install them in older machines.

A team of seven university teachers spent about a year developing the chip, and are in the process of applying a patent for their product, detailed documentation on how their chip detects our gestures is unavailable. Prices have yet to be disclosed.

Source: PC World

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