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Making a cheap and effective evaporator housing

Want a cheap and effective evaporator housing? Then look here!

Want a nice housing for your eva

Want a nice housing for your evaporator but don’t know where
to find it?

Well look no further than your neighborhood hardware shop.
Find a PVC leaf trap like this one here.

Choose one of appropriate size. Make sure the end of the PVC
pipe will fit on your motherboard socket, clearing all surrounding capacitors.

Cut off the leaf trap end of the pipe and you’ll end up with

Now, you have to decide if you want to use the PVC housing for
the mounting or a seperate mounting plate. I decided to use the PVC pipe as a
mounting device as it’s more convenient and its a one-piece assembly.

The mounting pressure is applied at the 4 corners of my
evaporator base. I cut a small groove at each of the 4 corners of the PVC pipe
so that the square base plate fits snugly into the PVC pipe.

Next, you will need to drill the mounting holes for the
motherboard socket. Be sure to drill the holes for all sockets and for sockets
facing both directions. For mounting-hole dimension database, you can check

And there you have the evaporator housing and mounting plate
all integrated into one! To enhance the looks, you may want to spray paint it. I
spray painted mine black.

As you can see, I’ve fit in a layer of neoprene pipe
insulation before sliding on the PVC housing.

I added a layer of foam tape as an insulative touch-up:

And of course, slide on your pipe insulation for your suction

Here it is mounted onto a motherboard:

I hope this will help you in your quest for a simple and cheap
evaporator housing.




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