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Major Nelson: ‘Xbox One pre-orders sold out at most retailers, higher than Xbox 360 pre-orders during same period’


According to a recent Tweet from Larry Hryb, Xbox’s Director of Programming for Xbox LIVE, pre-orders for Microsoft’s Xbox One console have “sold out at most most retailers” and that the Xbox One is currently ahead of the pre-orders set years ago for the Xbox 360.

Less than an hour later, Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios, made a similar Tweet that touted the Xbox One’s current standing in pre-orders:

Considering this new update, it appears that Microsoft is weathering the impending next-gen storm quite well–however there were no concrete sales figures provided with these Tweets. Hopefully we’ll have some evidence soon, but on the popularity front, Sony’s PS4 is far ahead and the limelight continues to shine on the console as gamers all over the world eagerly look towards an actual release date.

It’s interesting to see that the Xbox One is going strong–if these Tweets can be believed, of course–and we may see Microsoft follow up with a series of sales figures in the future that will no doubt substantiate their claims.

XB1 controller

We’ve seen Sony’s PS4 sell out in various retailers like GameStop, and neither Major Nelson nor Aaron Greenberg gave any specifics on which retailers were sold out–online or in-store.

It will also be interesting to see what changes Microsoft may implement in order to battle Sony’s PS4, and based on their current trend to bend toward popular demand, we may see them announce more changes in features and hardware. Additionally, Microsoft may also upgrade the Xbox One’s internal specs–and if so, we’ll most likely hear more about it at Gamescom or this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Along with the changes to the Xbox One’s policies and specs, Microsoft’s own Marc Whitten has admitted that the company hasn’t done a great job advertising the console itself, and that they need to address core gamers more efficiently–another change we may see in the next few months.

In any case, we’ll be sure to bring more updates once pre-order sales figures for the Xbox One come to light, and it would also be interesting to compare them with Sony’s PS4 pre-orders as well.


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