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Let’s explore the bios options a little shall

The all important HTT/FSB selection list.
From the looks of the bright yellow UV reactive ports and slots on the board,
it seems to suggest that Magic Pro is targeting the enthusiast/overclockers
who are much attracted to the DFI LAN Party nF4 boards. HTT Options of up to
400MHz supported in 1MHz increment seems to reinforce this notion.

The DRAM/HTT Ratio selection list with options of 200MHz,
166MHz, 133MHz and 100MHz, for you to choose to run the memory sync or async
with the HTT.


A Max CPU VCore of 1.55V is supported for
this board:


On top of the max VCore of 1.55V, this board
allows more volts of up to an extra 0.35V to be added to the CPU. Comes in 0.05V
steppings. This effectively gives a maximum of 1.95V for CPU voltage, very very
good news for the die-hard overclockers.


Memory voltage options from 2.55V up to 3.25V.
More than sufficient for Samsung TCCD memory chips and quite sufficient for
good overclocking with the Winbond BH5/UTT modules which love voltages in excess
of 3V.


CPU, Memory and Chipset voltages are all monitored.
Of course, temperatures and Fan Speeds are also monitored.

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