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Lumigrids set to make bike rides a bit more futuristic


Night cycling might sound like a very normal physical activity, but depending on environmental circumstances, this could be dangerous even with bicycle lamps. But a team of researchers at China’s Sichuan University may have an alternative solution to this problem, one that is quite hip and futuristic to look at.

Lumigrids is the name for a conceptual product that uses a special LED light to project a luminous grid on any surface. It was based on a “lattice-design vehicle light” project, where instead of a traditional lamp that produces only a single wide beam of light, an integrated light pattern would be used for guidance and navigation. The product is aimed to make bicycle rides at night safer, and probably a bit more “sophisticated” than your average one.


Based on the design presented, using it only requires the flip of a switch. The projected light grid would then take the shape of anything that’s on the ground, allowing the cyclist to see before them bumps and other ground features that would otherwise be tough to clearly see using only an ordinary lamp.


Despite looking incredibly cool, there are no actual videos demonstrating the product (yet), so there’s always the probability that it could eventually be considered as vaporware. The concept has been given the Red Dot Design Award for 2012 though, so who knows, maybe the idea is already currently being considered for eventual commercial availability as you read this article.

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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