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Lords of Cheating: Competition scandal involving high-profile overclockers

Sad news for the global overclocking community at the end of MSI “Lords of Overclocking” competition. After an in-depth investigation, Futuremark revealed that many top results had originated from a single setup. High-profile and well-respected names in the overclocking world were involved in this scandal, and of course, all of them were disqualified.

This latest news have shocked the entire overclocking community around the world – cheating in MSI’s “Lords of Overclocking” competition. This scandal came to light when Pasi_FM from Futuremark pointed out that many winning scores had been made by just one single guy.

The famous overclocking legend AndreYang shared his achievements with Hiwa, eXtremetweaker.de, KJ and Skinnee. All of them had experienced some major problems during the competition and their time was running out; there was a need to come up with something quick. It was their obsession to get high scores that led them to cheat – in the form of requesting from AndreYang to give them his scores. And, he did.

However, many people still wonder why would AndreYang do such a thing? He must be aware that the idea of sharing FOUR scores would lead to this inevitable doom. AndreYang is clever enough to figure this out, so why did he do this? What has he to gain from this if its not money?

Afrokalle(aka eXtremeTweaker.de) claims that “He helped me cause he knew that I worked hard for this competition and cause he knew that i want come back Taipei to see someone…So what do you think is his profite? Again, it is not ok but I cannot see that Andre could gain anything from doing this”. 

In addition, Hiwa supports Andre’s back “Andre didn’t get one CENT on LOC, he never sold the scores to me or other ppl . As I told before he gave me score on MY REQUEST. Andre tried to help us”. Personally, I’m struggling to believe that it was a matter of kindness and nobility that drove Andre to compromise his scores by paying the price of disqualification and public image disgrace.

Another question that needs answering is how all these guys called the same person at the same time at the same place? How did they know that AndreYang is willing to offer his scores? Strange thing is that four people knocked on his door… random? One thing that we can stand is that Andre’s wasn’t the first time he betrayed the community. Although XtremeSystems.org decided to ban him eternally from their boards, HWBOT gives him a second (or you can say third) chance to prove himself, at the cost of 1-year ban lift.

Each of them did this on purpose. They somehow knew that AndreYang was willing to respond to their request. Skinnee – the watercooling guy from XS forums – officially admitted his involvement in the cheating and also assumed responsibility of his own actions. “Taking the 3dr file and uploading it as my own was a complete dumbass move. I exchanged several emails with FM this morning regarding the matter, to which I openly admitted to using Andre’s score as my own. Regardless of my own stupidity, I want to congratulate the winners and wish them the best of luck in Taipei for the finals.”

Then, Hiwa followed Skinnee’s example and admitted his involvement too. However, he does a poor judgement of his own action as he blames Andre not for sharing only to him exclusively. “…Andre shared it with me on my request, but why he shared it with other 4 or 5?  He make score for me, but he shared with other 3 persons with no reason. it’s very strange to me. I am not angry with andre, it was my fault not andre he gave me result on my request.

Last but not least, Afrokalle (aka eXtremeTweaker.de) tried to defend AndreYang and put the blame upon themselves. He said, “I spent a lot of time in benching but all my scores useless for this competition and i tought i will upload scores with Q3QP but then i talked with Andre and he said he can help me…I know it is not ok and it is only my fault! It is not ok that all people here more against Andre than against us. He benched his own hardware and he also did not compete in this event. So i think the main fault is 100% on our side. What he did is not fair but as i said the main fault is on our side…”

The thing is that many overclockers have lost their faith in their ‘heroes’, feeling angry and disappointed because of this shameful accident. Why did these very talented overclockers do such a thing? What motivated them to act like that? Perhaps, its easier and cheaper to buy scores rather than to buy hardware and LN2, yet money does not seem to be the only reason here. One year of absence is not that long, but it is enough to end one’s overclocking career. Everybody will remember this – their image is already damaged and dishonored. However, we do expect them to come back in a year, and hopefully will prove themselves to be real overclockers. Not because of trophies but because they simply love the sport and spend time with friends.

Reference: XS Forum, HWBOT


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