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Logitech G5 Laser 2000dpi Mouse Preview

The Logitech G5 Laser is Logitech’s answer to the recently launched Razer Copperhead. The G5 Laser comes with a similar Laser based 2000dpi sensor, and has a rather elaborate weight management system. Look here, while VR-Zone takes a first look at this brand new mouse!

The 2000 dpi fever had gone into the mouse scene
recently, with the launch of Razer’s Copperhead mouse. While Razer had went on
to be the first to introduce a 2000 dpi laser based mouse, the rest of the
makers had not been sitting around, lying in the shadows.

While the MX518 was previously Logitech’s most
advanced gaming mouse, it was quickly overshadowed by Razer’s offerings. The
Logitech MX518 was meant to compete with Razer’s Diamondback line of products.
However, when Razer stunned the world with Copperhead about a month ago,
Logitech went out of the limelight. Nevertheless, Logitech quickly announced the
"G" series of mice, complete with Laser based optical engines. The Logitech G5
Laser is one member in this line up.

During Comex 2005, Singapore’s largest IT and
Computer show, VR-Zone had a close encounter with this brand new Logitech model.
Said to be priced very comparatively against the Razer Copperhead, this mouse is
slated for a slightly more then SGD$ 100 price tag. Here, we bring you some
preview pictures of the G5 Laser, from different aspects.

The packaging of the Logitech G5 Laser. A new refreshing green
packaging is meant for the new "G" line of Laser mice.


A picture
of the mouse itself. From the first looks of it, this mouse looks like it has a
rusted surface. Actually, this is more of Logitech’s creative design, rather
then a worn out mouse. The design is roughly the same as compared to the older
MX510 / MX518, but however, the arch of the mouse had been reduced. This ensures
a better grip for people who have smaller hands.


A closer shot of the G5 Laser. The surface looks like it’s
been spray painted golden, having similar color when compared against a piece of
rusted metal. However, this part of the mouse is smooth, like the older MX


A close up
on the dpi indicator on the mouse. The user could adjust the sensitivity by
adjusting the dpi values – all this done on the fly. The higher the dpi value,
the more bars will appear on this indicator.


The cables for this G5 Laser are actually sleeved, like shown
on this picture. The purpose of such, is to improve durability especially when
rubbed against edges of tables.



The underside of the mouse. Ultra large smooth plastic feets
are fitted on the top, right center, and the bottom of this mouse. Such feets
would provide a frictionless movement for the mouse.




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