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Logitech Cooling Pad N100 and Notebook Riser N110

Logitech Cooling Pad N100 and Notebook Riser N110

Logitech Singapore has introduced their Cooling Pad N100 and Notebook Riser N110 which are designed to make mobile computing more comfortable for users at home. Both the N100 and N110 will be available this month at SGD39 each.

SINGAPORE — April 7, 2009 — Logitech today introduced their Cooling Pad N100 (above pic left) and the Notebook Riser N110, which extend the company’s line of notebook essentials that help make the laptop experience more comfortable around the home.

Logitech Cooling Pad N100 – Improves Airflow Around Your Notebook
Whether you’re using your laptop on the couch or bed or at a desk with your favorite external keyboard and mouse, the Logitech Cooling Pad N100 improves airflow around your notebook. To help protect you from heat the Cooling Pad N100 features a slotted surface, which allows the USB-powered fan to distribute air quietly and evenly.

To create a steady, unobstructed airflow, the Cooling Pad N100 uses rear air intake, unlike other cooling pads, which generate airflow from angles that are easily blocked by the laptop itself or loose articles of clothing. Plus, the enclosed, durable construction protects the internal fan from dust and damage.

Designed for efficiency, the Cooling Pad N100 includes a low power-consumption USB cable that connects to your computer with minimal impact on your notebook’s battery – while still delivering enough power to improve airflow around the laptop.

Logitech Notebook Riser N110 – Elevates Your Notebook to Improve Your Comfort
To help increase comfort when you’re working at your desk, or any other table around the home, the Logitech Notebook Riser N110 features an ergonomically-designed riser that elevates your notebook display to an optimal viewing position.

You can use the Notebook Riser N110 with your favorite external keyboard and mouse – such as the Logitech® V550 Nano and the Logitech® diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks – and arrange each peripheral individually to enhance your typing posture. The Notebook Riser N110 also features an adjustable tilt – with 20-, 30- and 40-degree angles – and a rubber-soled swivel base, so you can choose the position that feels best to you. For your convenience, the Notebook Riser N110 flips open and folds flat for easy setup, transport and storage.

Logitech, however, offers more than just a comfortable notebook experience. Both the Cooling Pad N100 and the Notebook Riser N110 feature colors and a shape that fit seamlessly into your life. With light gray surfaces, Tuscan green accents and rounded edges, the Cooling Pad N100 and the Notebook Riser N110 will look good in any room you use them.

Pricing and Availability
Both the Logitech Cooling Pad N100 and Logitech® Notebook Riser N110 are expected to be available in April at SGD39 each.

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