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Logitech Announces Three New Gamepads For PC, Bundles Surprise Bonuses For MapleStory

PC gaming may be here to stay, but there are times where the keyboard-and-mouse combination just does not cut it. This is especially true for arcade-to-PC ports, which usually necessitate a gamepad for a much better experience. And if you have a huge collection of such titles in your PC, this might be the best time to pamper yourself with three new Logitech gamepads to choose from. As a bonus, these gamepads are supposedly optimized for the popular MMORPG, MapleStory.

Gamepads may be the device of choice for console gamers, but even PC gamers have to admit that there are times where a gamepad will be superior to the traditional keyboard-and-mouse combination that has become defining trate of PC gaming. In addition, there is also a certain aspect of gamepads in the sense that they have the unique ability to grant users a certain “console-gaming” experience, even when connected to the PC.

And if you happen to be the kind of gamer who has lots of arcade-to-PC ports of titles, or are just looking to recreate the console-gaming experience on the PC, you are in luck. This is because Logitech has just announced three new gamepads for gamers to pamper themselves with during the festive season, where gaming is definitely going to take place, especially if one is organizing home parties.

The gamepads incorporate XInput and DirectInput technology, so they’ll work with both legacy titles as well as today’s biggest games. And, for your games that do not support gamepads, the Gamepad F310, Rumble Gamepad F510 and Wireless Gamepad F710 come with profiler software you can install on your computer to configure the gamepad to emulate a keyboard or mouse.

The Gamepad F310 includes all of the capabilities outlined above along with a 6-foot cord so you can play a comfortable distance away from your PC monitor. 

The Rumble Gamepad F510 offers the features of the Gamepad F310, with the addition of dual vibration motors, so when you’re playing games that support vibration feedback, you’ll feel every hit, crash and explosion. 

The Wireless Gamepad F710 incorporates all of the capabilities of the Rumble Gamepad F510 and adds the freedom of 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. Just insert Logitech’s plug-and-forget Nano receiver into a USB port on your computer and leave it there for fast data transmission with virtually no delays, dropouts or interference. 

And as a bonus, Logitech claims that these gamepads will feature certain digital codes which can be used to redeem certain rare items in the popular MMORPG, MapleStory. Examples of such items include the popular 2X EXP and 2X Mesos coupons, as well as a special Gamepad chair in which a user’s in-game avatar will rest on a giant gamepad to recover HP and MP at fixed intervals.

Unfortunately, it appears that these digital codes are only usable for the MapleGlobal client, so MapleSEA players in Singapore are out of luck on this one.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech Gamepad F310, Rumble Gamepad F510 and Wireless Gamepad F710 available for sale now at S$32, S$49 and S$65 respectively.

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