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Logitec launches ‘industry’s smallest’ Ethernet hub for Japanese market

While most of Singapore was caught up in the various discounts and offers taking place at the annual IT Show held at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre, a company in Japan known as Logitec was busy launching a new product that ought to change the way we look at the humble Ethernet hub. Does anyone fancy getting their hands on a palm-sized hub that can house up to eight Ethernet ports?

How big is an Ethernet hub supposed to be? Well, various manufacturers often have differing ideas on what the ideal size for this particular networking device should be, but it seems that they all share one common characteristic: they are not meant to be the kind of portable devices that a user can conveniently slip into his or her pocket and walk around without any loss to comfort.

However, if you are the kind of person who simply needs to have the best of both worlds in terms of size and functionality when it comes to Ethernet hubs, you might be interested in what a Japanese company known as Logitec has to offer. Apparently, while most of Singapore was caught up in bargain hunting over at the just-ended IT Show, Logitec was showing off its new palm-sized Ethernet Hub, the LAN-SW/PS series, over in Japan.

According to the official press release, the LAN-SW/PS series of Ethernet hubs will be available in three different sizes: the smallest version, known as the LAN-SW03, features three Ethernet ports and measures a mere 73.3 × 42.0 × 13.5mm. Those who need a little more connectivity options can opt for the slightly larger LAN-SW05, which comes with five Ethernet ports; alternatively, users needing an Ethernet hub for more than five concurrent connections have the LAN-SW08 (pictured below), which is a little larger (68.0 × 107.5 × 13.5mm), although the eight available Ethernet ports for use sort of makes up for the increased size.

In addition to its size (or lack of it), Logitec also claims that the new Ethernet hubs are capable of energy savings of up to 82%, while 'N' versions of the LAN-SW/PS line of hubs can even power themselves off a PC's USB port, thus making it suitable as a mobile Ethernet hub for establishing impromptu LAN connections. 

Last but definitely not least, Logitec also claims that all the hubs in its LAN-SW/PS series make use of Ethernet ports which support automatic MDI and MDI-X switching, so users do not have to worry about having to bring both straight and crossover cables in order to set up a working LAN connection. 

Prices for the new hubs are as follow: 

Source: Logitec

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