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Livescribe: Never Miss A Word – Pulse Smartpen Review


Landing in our lab is the 1GB version packed in a rectangular box that seemed a little oversize for just a pen.

Opening the box up, we then understand why such a tiny equipment needed such a big pants, I mean box.

Accompanying the Smartpen are the accessories that makes the magic work. A special notebook, without which the Smartpen just isn’t that smart anymore. A USB desktop cradle that also works as a charger. A Interactive Control sheet made of special paper too, allowing a wide variety of features like volume control, calculator, and etc.

Closer Look

Now lets just take a closer look at the Smartpen. Inside the package is also a felt-like pen pocket/bag to store the Smartpen, and while it does the job of storing the pen just well, it’s still kinda a little on the ugly side.

The Smartpen writing tip is shaped like a fountain pen, now that’s some elegance and classic feel. The pen tip is changeable and the recessed area in the picture below is where the infrared camera angled to coincide with the tip of the pen.

Toward the base of the pen is the docking point, both for charging as well as the USB connection to the desktop for transfer of data and installing of applications.

Docking the Smartpen into the USB cradle is simple enough.

The USB crable/docking station with a little interactive control directional pad. The directional pad also allows control of the menu within the pen.

OLED display screen on the Smartpen itself displaying the Main Menu, scrollable using the directional pad.

Look and Feel

Well, did we mention that the Smartpen is shaped like a classic fountain pen? Being of a shape of a fountain pen basically tells us that unless we want to challenge the design concept of the old, we should just appreciate it and not make so much noise. But, thankfully, it is just shaped like one and does not write like one, else modern mortals like us will be looking for a teacher to learn how to work a fountain pen.

Aside from the look, the Smartpen does give us a sturdy feeling and a firm grip. While it is made almost entirely with plastic, but it is in no way cheapened. On that note, it may be worth mentioning that people with smaller hands may feel the pen is gigantic.

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