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List of worthy Google Reader alternatives

AOL Reader

AOL jumped into the whole story at the last moment and released their own RSS reader which may be one of the best ones I have used since the announcement. Although, it may not be the perfect RSS reader available right now but it is, by far, one of the best ones I have used since Google Reader shutdown announcement. It does not offer anything extra but the features it offers are quite similar to Google Reader and it will launch mobile apps very soon as well.

AOL Reader

The service allows users to view articles in different layouts such as List View, Card View, Full View and Pane view. Other than that, you can organize your feeds alphabetically, change themes, share articles on different social networks and much more. The service is still in beta stages so you may come across some bugs. If you come across any bug or problem, just report it to the developers.

Check out AOL Reader


I must say this; the service that gained the most followers after Google released the news of Reader’s demise is Feedly. At first, it relied on Google Reader’s API to fetch the news and present them in a neat and magazine style interface. Recently, they announced that they are now totally cloud based and does not depend on Google Reader. The whole transition did take some time but all those users who were using Feedly through their Google account got their RSS feeds imported automatically.


The application has dedicated applications for iOS and Android as well that allows users to read news on the go. I don’t have anything against Feedly, but it has given me a hard time in the past few weeks maybe because of the transition of feeds from Google Reader to Feedly cloud. The only thing that makes me try it out again and again is the interface.


Other options include sharing the news on different social networks from Feedly interface, saving articles for later reading, bookmarking articles for later reading on Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote, and more.

Check out Feedly

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