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Lindsay Lohan to sue ‘GTA V’ makers for using her likeness

Former Disney star Lindsay Lohan is apparently preparing to sue developer Rockstar games for using her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V.


Here’s a contender for the weirdest news of the week: Lindsay Lohan, the once cute star of films such as the Parent Trap, is planning to sue Rockstar for using her image throughout parts of Grand Theft Auto V.

The folks over at TMZ have taken a shot at identifying areas of the game which might have caused Lindsay Lohan to stop and think, “Hey, isn’t that me?” One mission involves escorting a woman who apparently looks like the actress away from the paparazzi, while another mission references a hotel where Lohan once lived.  It’s certainly a longshot. Perhaps if you squint your eyes and stand upside down, some women in the game might look like Lindsay Lohan.

Grand Theft Auto V broke sales records in its launch week, raking in a ton of money. Lindsay Lohan wont be the first ‘celebrity’ to sue the developer in the hopes of getting a piece of that pie. Rapper Daz Dillinger pointed his team of lawyers in Rockstar’s direction back in October for allegedly using two of his tracks in the game without permission.

Looks like another long and pointless lawsuit is on the cards.

Source: TMZ



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