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License Plate Flipper lets you play super spy

The police might not think this is all that funny, but now you can live your inner James Bond super spy with this handy-dandy license plate flipper that will let you swap between two different license plate with the flip of a switch.

There have been other similar type things that simply let flip your license plate flat so that it can't be read, or photographed, but this neat little gimmick goes one step further and lets you switch between two different license plates.

Needless to say there is probably a big question about the legality of doing this; but of course the makers of this little gizmo spin it as a great way to keep your plate clean when off-roading or to perhaps conceal it at a car show.

If this is something you think you might want, be prepared for a stiff sticker price of $455, which definitely narrows down the market just a little bit. Should you want to investigate this further hit up their site or check out their promo video below.

via Geekologie

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