Lian Li’s latest creation merges a high-end chassis with a desk.


Would you want to integrate your PC case into your desk? Lian Li thinks you might.

With the DK01, Lian Li is venturing into new a new territory. The desk chassis is still a prototype, and the manufacturer is seeking consumer feedback on what additions to make. The chassis itself features a glass cover through which users can view their PC’s hardware clearly.

The chassis is built into the desk, and can be accessed by just sliding out the drawer. The construction is brushed aluminium, and the chassis features many elements that are standard in all Lian Li creations. Considering that the chassis is fitted into a desk, there are no size constraints. The DK01 is 31.5 inches wide, 31.3 inches tall, and 23.6 inches deep, and can easily accommodate motherboards of EATX, XL-ATX, and ATX form factors. It can also fit in a total of 14 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard drives.

Users can install a total of seven 120 mm fans, or install a liquid-cooled radiator of size 240mm – 360mm on either sides of the chassis. Video cards of length 11 inches can comfortably fit in, along with PSUs of length 11 inches, and coolers with a height of 7.1 inches.


The front drawer comes with a lock, and has four USB 3.0 ports and HD audio connectors. Lian Li mentions that the chassis will include LEDs, the glass casing as well as monitor mounts by standard. If you are keen on sharing feedback on the chassis, head over to the source link below and comment.

Source: Lian Li