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Lian Li seeks customer feedback on the prototype PC-A51 chassis

Lian Li wants to gain the edge on the competition by crowdsourcing the design of its new case.


Lian Li wants your feedback on its upcoming chassis, the PC-A51.

The design of the PC-A51 is based off the PC-A05N, which has been very well-received by the modding community. Lian Li wants the PC-A51 to similarly fare well, and as such is incorporating a few features that users requested for.

For instance, the PC-A51 works with 240/280mm radiators, comes with a tool-less HDD bay where you can fit in either 5 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives and has more room for cable management behind the motherboard tray.

The PC-A51 comes with dimensions of 230 X 393 X 489 mm (W X H X D), and has enoguh room for accommodating motherboards of ATX/Micro-ATX form factors. There is a 140 mm fan at the front and a 120 mm fan atthe back of the chassis. The chassis can fit in video cards of up to 280 mm in length, and PSUs of up to 160 mm in length.

Lian Li is retaining a few elements from the PC-A05N, like the location of the PSU, which will be mounted at the front. There is also going to be a windowed version of the chassis which features black and red exterior and interior accents.

If you want to contribute your ideas on what the PC-A05N should feature, click here to go to Lian Li’s official thread.

Source: Lian Li

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