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Lian Li PC-V600F Case Review

Case Exterior

The case exterior is a traditional all aluminium Lian Li design with subtle and minimalist styling. You typically won't see cases that look like they belong in a Transformers movie from Lian Li. The case side panels are held on by push pins that fit securely and firmly without being difficult to remove.

Overall the build quality is excellent with solid construction and no sharp edges.

Judging by the positioning of the connectors and buttons, it would be safe to assume the case meant to be placed under a desk. The case connectors are, from left to right, one eSATA port, two USB 3.0 ports, microphone and headphone jacks. On the right are the reset button and the power button.



Note the lack of a rear exhaust fan. There simply isn't room for a 120mm fan here. This gives a clear indication that the case is designed to keep the dimensions to a minimum above all else. Lian Li obviously felt that the top 140mm fan would be sufficient as the sole exhaust. There aren't any holes for watercooling tubing either. Cooling ability was obviously not the top priority when designing the case.

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