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Lian Li PC-767 & PC-777 Preview

The other model recently introduced is the PC-777 from Lian Li. Being a
special 20th anniversary model, this case comes with a radically new design,
totally different from the rest. Spotting a classy “snail-shell” design, this
model of the case comes with bold curves. Available in both silver and black
color, we got a chance to be up-close and personal with the black version of this
special case:

The black version of the special anniversary PC-777 from Lian
Li. This case comes with bold curves at the back and at the bottom of the case.
On the side panel, there is a large “snail-shell” pop out mesh. The mesh is fine
enough for people to see the internals of the case.

A picture of the PC-777 Black with the side panel removed.
Although the back of the case is curved, it has surprising roomy internal
structure. The concept of this case is different from the rest. The PSU holder
is located right at the bottom. Having similar heat distribution principle as
the PC-767, Lian Li wants these “hot spots” to be split up.

A look at the back of the case. A rear 120mm fan would take
care of the exhaustion of heat, particularly from the CPU area.

A look at the front portion of the case. Behind the front
mesh houses a 120mm fan which allows in-take of cool air into the casing. One
of the difference between this case and the PC-767 is that the hard drive cage
can take in more hard drives. However, there is no more room for
expansion in this area while the PC-767 could add in more hard drive cages.

A view of the back of this case. A solid side panel catch
(located on the mid-top portion of the case) would secure the side panel in

The Power and Reset buttons are located at the top front of
the case. Apart from the buttons, there is a function panel which includes
connectors for USB, Firewire and various Audio ports. The buttons are located at a
convenient spot but yet out of sight.

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