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LG Windows Phone 7 customers to get free access to popular apps


If you have just bought the new LG Optimus 7 Windows phone, you will be pleased to know that you can download quality apps (including paid one) free for use. Today, LG and Microsoft have jointly announced that quality apps will be made available free for LG customers who bought the latest Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Singapore, 3 November 2010 – LG and Microsoft have jointly announced that they will offer customers with a free selection of quality applications for LG customers who own the new Windows Phone 7 handset. The companies will subsidize a portfolio of hand-picked applications, providing free access to quality applications for Windows Phone 7.

The applications span across various categories including social connectivity, gaming and helpful utilities. Ten free applications with a value of more than USD30 will be given away every 60 days. LG’s Windows Phone 7 customers can also download these applications for free (for a period of 60 days) via LG Application Store, which can be accessed directly from LG Windows Phone 7 models.

Selected Windows Phone application developers will be provided with exclusive marketing opportunities and resources to promote their applications with LG. Developers of selected applications will benefit from promotional support through LG’s marketing presence and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace. LG will promote the new applications through in-store sales events and on the LG Mobile Global Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/bltMvp), creating a larger market for developers and bringing them closer to their audiences.

LG and Microsoft’s developer program will kick off in November. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/LGMobileHQ.

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