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LG unveils new televisions with Cinema 3D and Smart TV technologies

LG today announced the launch of its 2011 TV range for the Singapore market. Featuring LG’s proprietary CINEMA 3D technology and LG Smart TV  functions, the new 2011 range will feature 11 series of LED, LCD and Plasma TVs to suit the entertainment needs of every individual, with more to be rolled out throughout the year.

Leading the lineup is the new LG LW6500, a Full HD edge LED CINEMA 3D TV equipped with LG Smart TV. The sleek TV brings 3D enjoyment to a new level with the employment of 3D technology similar to that used in cinemas, thus bringing to consumers greater comfort and convenience while enjoying their favourite 3D titles. With Smart TV, consumers are also able to access content and applications without hassle through a specially designed user interface as well as the new Magic Motion Remote Control  that simplifies control with a simple point and click.

LG CINEMA 3D TV – evolution of 3D for homes

Taking 3D to new heights, the LG CINEMA 3D TV looks set to greatly improve 3D experience for home viewers with crisper images and wider viewing angles that was not previously possible with active shutter technology. The use of Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology in LG’s CINEMA 3D TVs brings about a more comfortable viewing experience with a polorised plate on the panel, coupled with the use of polarised glasses by viewers. The technology optimises the separation of images for the left and right eye, and the images are then filtered through the glasses to give viewers a better 3D effect with minimal cross talk.

The new LG CINEMA 3D TV is also able to display brighter and clearer 3D pictures than conventional 3D displays with the inclusion of the new Light Boost technology. This brightness enhancement film maximises lighting from LED backlight to maintain the full brightness and picture quality of the original source. Compared to conventional 3D displays, the Light Boost technology is able to deliver brightness of 150 nits, twice of what conventional 3D TVs can deliver, without increasing power consumption. For the reproduction of smoother 3D images, TruMotion 200Hz is featured on the flagship LG LW6500 series, which results in elimination of image blur and enables consumers to enjoy even the fastest action sequences in 3D.

A common challenge faced by consumers using active shutter 3D technology is the inflexible viewing positions and limited viewing angles. With LG’s CINEMA 3D TV, consumers can experience 3D images without restrictions on positions as the viewing angle has been increased to 180o horizontally. Users may sit, lean or even lie comfortably on their couches to enjoy true-to-life 3D images, and up to 20 viewers are able to enjoy 3D on LG CINEMA 3D TVs.

For users who find discomfort in viewing 3D on active shutter models, LG’s CINEMA 3D technology delivers a virtually blur-free and flicker-free 3D picture, which reduces the possibility of dizziness or nausea. Also, LG’s CINEMA 3D TVs are the world’s first 3D TVs to be confirmed to deliver flicker free and crosstalk free images by TÜV and Intertek. The new LG CINEMA 3D TVs also employ the use of affordable, lightweight polarised glasses that weigh only 16 grams, almost half the weight of conventional active shutter glasses. These glasses do not need to be powered by batteries, helping consumers to save in the long run.

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